Who We Are

Bestivinur.com is a group of dog lovers who have come together via the Internet to make this website our home.

What We Are Not

Bestivinur.com is neither a company or “official” non-profit organization.

What’s Your Goals?

Our goal is simple. To share knowledge we have gained through experience and share it with other dog loving people via the Internet to enhance our abilities and lives as dog owners and trainers.

What Else Can I find On This Site?

We will surf the Net for you and collect fun and interesting articles on dogs and post them right here for you. We will provide summaries of articles as well as unique post that stir conversation. Every time we find another website that we think our readers might be interested in we will post in our Blogroll.

Can I Be A Guest Blogger?

Absolutely you can be a guest blogger on our website. We do have some small requirements but you can find out what they are by contacting us through our Contact Us page.

Does Becoming A Member Cost Money?

No way! We started this website strictly from the love we have for dogs and training. But if you would like to show your support then please add a link to our home page https://www.bestivinur.com/