Geothermal Energy Serves as a Great Green Energy Source

Looking for alternative energy sources that are unlimited or renewable is actually what people involved with green energy are trying to do. Since our technology has been advancing, we are now able to take advantage of energy sources like geothermal. There exists plenty of heat in addition to energy beneath the surface that is due to radioactive decay and magma. Geothermal energy is about working with this specific heat and energy from underground. While geothermal energy is an essentially unlimited resource, it is currently not economically beneficial since the cost to build geothermal plants is expensive.

Dry steam, flash and binary would be the three unique variations of geothermal facilities. Energy is created when steam that arises from cracks in the earth’s surface drives a turbine that spins a generator. Dry steam plants employ this method to create the energy. Flash plants extract water that is definitely more than 200 degrees centigrade to produce energy. Water is converted to steam using a steam/water separator as it rises to the surface. The steam is actually run through a turbine that will generate electrical power. For binary plants, the specific hot water is required to drive the turbines due to the boiling organic fluid. The leftover geothermal fluid and condensed stream that remain after the energy is generated are injected back into the hot rock.

There are lots of places all over the world which may have geothermal plants. Areas that generally have volcanic activity have geothermal factories like Chile, Italy, Iceland as well as the Philippines. Geothermal factories are available in Northern California plus the Yellowstone basin. You can find Australian businesses that are exploring the technology of generating power from hot dry rocks. If one were to dig down to three kms below the earth’s surface, it will be possible to find radiogenic granite rocks. You will not create as much electrical power from geothermal energy as you would from solar. If there are numerous over cast or rainy days, geothermal energy might be a good supplemental source.

Considering that the energy is definitely renewable, geothermal energy is just as much a green source of energy as bio-fuel, hydro-power or the wind. If there was a method to make geothermal energy economical then it would help cut down our reliance on oil. We must look for ways to protect the environment and not rely on potentially dangerous forms of alternative energy like coal or nuclear. While nuclear energy is considered clean energy, the particular radioactive waste that it generates can cause health problems.

We need to make an effort to guard the environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It is in our most effective interest to maximize green energy sources such as geothermal. It is currently high priced right now but as technology moves onward, the cost will come down.

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